Welcome to the site of future Eagle Scout Drake Hougo


       We’re Done! Booyah!

My Eagle Scout Project to install 11 pieces of physical equipment is now over!  It was installed by Boy Scout Troop 2222 and several other volunteers over Memorial Day Weekend and was very successful.  The equipment is now open for public use!

I would like to sincerely thank everybody who helped and supported my project.  Without you this never would have been possible!  It was amazing to see how many people were supportive of my cause and I am very grateful for that.  Please enjoy the Fitness Zone and the memories it will provide.


Eagle Project Fitness Zone

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                Fitness Zone Statistics:

$13, 155 fundraised for Fitness Zone

500+ Phone Calls during fundraising efforts

1,300+ emails during overall project

65 volunteers installed equipment (30 scouts, 5 youth, 14 scout leaders, 16 other adults)

13 cubic yards of concrete used to install pieces

11 pieces of physical exercise equipment for the public to use

523 hrs. and 35 min. of service hours from volunteers

530 service hours put into project by me

2 Andy Gump’s on site

1 night spent in the park with scouts to guard equipment

lessons learned that will serve me the rest of my life!!!!